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Video Profiles

Browse videos of other people nearby.  Get to know each others' personalities, vibe, and energy right away which is far more important than looks.  Easier verification of identity. Faster ability to communicate, convey sentiment, and gauge authenticity.

Real People

Tired of people misrepresenting themselves?  Wingerly eliminates catfishing because you have to make a new video directly within the app.  You can't upload videos or pictures.

Real Connections

Looking for your next committed, passionate, and fun relationship?  We have filters that help us find real connections for you and match you with quality connections.  




Wingerly is a diversity centered dating app. We all have biases regardless of your background.  Video saves you a huge amount of time by quickly moving you beyond superficial biases that may create barriers to connecting with diverse individuals that you might not typically be around.  According to Dr. Mehrabian's Theory of Communication, over 90% of your ability to assess whether you trust and like someone is based on the tone of their voice, and their body language.  Having everyone make a video levels the dating field by giving others an opportunity to see your authentic personality right away instead of pictures that are often misleading.




Melissa Jeffries

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Hi Friends! 

My name is Melissa and I am the founder of Wingerly.  I am black and believe that diversity centered ‘design for impact’ will result in better outcomes for everyone, including white men! 

I am on a mission to achieve marriage rate parity for women of color by leveling the dating field, and improving marriage outcomes for black women. Data shows that black women don't fare as well on other dating apps.


So I have created a dating app called Wingerly to solve this problem!  It is a work in progress so thank you for your support.  Please feel free to contact us with feedback so that we can continue to make improvements.


Wingerly is a diversity centered relationship community that connects wonderful singles who are looking for love. Though it is inspired by the principles of the Bahá'í Faith, it is open to anyone regardless of your religious or spiritual beliefs.  We believe that diversity centered design will produce better outcomes for everyone.


Our vision for Wingerly is to be more than just a dating app.  We aspire to grow into a relationship and reproductive health resource that offers lifelong support for you to ensure the long-term success of your relationships. 


We host virtual events, workshops, personal development book clubs, and aim to be a community of lifelong therapeutic support for your relationship health and wellness.

There is no cost to join.


We all have prejudices and biases regardless of gender, nationality, ethnicity, and race.  We at Wingerly believe that online dating is one of the remedies for racism.

Finding new friends online, is a way to expose yourself to people that you may not necessarily run across in your immediate world.



The Wingerly app is currently open to iPhone users.

There is no cost to join.  We're working on the Android version.   

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